about . preposition \ə-ˈbat\ with regard to, fundamentally concerned with or directed toward


Qiana is a hybrid-thinking, highly-skilled creative professional working as a Footwear Designer and Developer.

Her work and global footprint spans 9 countries and four continents where she finds inspiration, cultivates partnerships and sources raw and finished materials.

She is known for having contagious excitement, a never ending tap of ideas with the passion and technical expertise required to push boundaries, explore new possibilities and create remarkable commercial product.

She has held positions across all parts of the supply chain from design and product creation to merchandising, product launch and retail. 

With an informed point of view, her finger on the pulse of emerging trends and a keen understanding of how to tug at the social heartstrings of audiences, Qiana knows how to build product that translates into excitement and sales.

Inspired by her personal love of live music, travel, cultural iconography and ephemera, she never turns down a chance to dive into archives, explore vintage markets or discover late night jam sessions and listening parties around the world. 

Qiana enjoys working within design-led environments where her high attention to detail, absolute dedication to work and relentless pursuit of creative excellence is welcomed to thrive.