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endorsements . noun \enˈdôrsmənt/s : the acts of giving one's public approval or support to someone 

Very few shoe designers today gain the skills and understanding that Qiana took the time on her own to seek out.
— Lisa Sorrell, International Award-Winning Master Bootmaker & PBS 'Craft in America' Featured Artisan
She is in a league of her own and continues to expand with an authentic humility which makes her even more rare.
— Hope Hyder, Career Strategist
I could hire Qiana to build a wardrobe of shoes for me, a joy to work with, top end craftsmanship and timely delivery.
— Theron McCollough, Sr. Marketing Manager at Pivotal Labs
She helped me make a product that even I, with my 20 years experience thought was impossible to make.
— Edgar J., Professional Artisan
Qiana is totally dedicated to understanding the integrity of shoe making from the inside out.
— Rose Choules, Teacher, Shoe Designer and Maker, Rose Choules Atelier