Hope Hyder on coaching Qiana...


I have never worked with anyone more determined for successful outcomes. Qiana's dedication to realizing excellence in every detail and devotion to learning is unmatched so much so that she may lose sight of how accomplished she really is for the desire to grow and improve is so active within her.

I am thrilled to say that now more than ever she is in a league of her own and continues to expand with an authentic humility which makes her even more rare. Qiana is embracing her deepest and grandest visions for her life with the kind of commitment, creativity, excitement and love that she brings and has brought to the lives of so many others for so long.

Whether Qiana chooses to operate behind the scenes or in the spotlight her offering to whatever environment she involves herself in will be to challenge the status quo as she inspires and takes the lead to elevate whether those around her are ready or not. Even with that she is willing to be a generous teacher and I've never seen her not offer to share whatever she knows that could benefit another if that other one is open to receive.

I'm so excited to be part of Qiana's life and continue to participate in her wholeness unfolding.